I have a passion for creating affordable art. I believe in making fine art accessible & incorporating it into everyday life. I do this by offering customization options at a lower price than ready-made work and offering payment plan options. I enjoy showing in galleries, but I am more drawn to unconventional spaces. I want the person in the coffee shop, restaurant or office to see my work & know that art is not out of reach. Whether it’s a piece on the wall or something you set your drink or snacks on, I want you to feel like making art a part of your life is easy. I am also dedicated to giving back to my community. Every month I donate a portion of sales to a different charity. See my blog post to learn more & suggest a charity.

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Studio shots by  Katelyn Swanson Photography

My process has evolved greatly over the past few years. I like to think of my art as simple color & abstract design, but it's a little more complicated when trying to explain how I create and the different mediums I use. 

I work with layers of acrylic paint on canvas, building up drips of color, following the natural flow of the water based paint & accentuating the movement. I find that sometimes the abstract designs that emerge are too beautiful to cover up, but usually I use these paintings as backgrounds. I apply an adhesive using a brush & then adhere gold, silver or copper leaf sheets to the canvas to create a metallic design. I also use liquid metal leaf pens for more detail. The metallics reflect light while giving the pieces a certain amount of texture as well as customization in design elements.

More recently I’ve been working with epoxy resin on wood. I mix acrylic paint & powdered pigment into the resin & strategically pour to create interesting patterns.  I've created a line of functional art coasters, bowls & serving trays with this material as well as wall hanging pieces. These quick small works have allowed me to offer an affordable price point to people who otherwise may not have access to fine art.

Until recently my resin work & acrylic paintings have remained separate. Currently I am working on combining the paint, resin and metal leaf mediums into a sort of hybrid mixed media process. Check out my latest works for examples of this. The pieces on canvas have a painted background, then resin & metal leaf layered on top. The wood pieces are mainly resin with other materials mixed in and metal leaf layers in between the resin layers. The metal leaf can be sanded and manipulated with an exacto knife, then another layer of resin seals the piece while also adding dimension. The more layers of colored resin that are added, the more dimension and depth a piece can have. 

Overall my work focuses on color & movement. Although some pieces have representational themes such as flowers, animals & insects, I am more interested in the movement of the paint & placement of color rather than any overlying concept. Keeping the narrative vague makes the work more approachable & allows me to customize for individuals without pushing my own ideas. This also allows me to use the art making process as a personal therapy. Sometimes the therapy bleeds into my titles, hinting toward an idea or making certain details more obvious. Instead of providing a clear narrative, I find it more interesting to see what each individual takes away from the art.

Click the links below to written interviews and podcasts to learn more about my process & art. If you're interested in custom art, please contact me! I love talking about ideas and answering questions. 

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