Instead of the traditional artist statement/bio I’ve made a little timeline and included links to interviews. Enjoy!

 Studio shots by  Katelyn Swanson Photography
  • 2010: BFA from UCO, printmaking emphasis.
  • 2011: Interned at OVAC, learned behind the scenes of non profit arts. Joined local women’s art organization FRINGE, started group showing & formed lasting relationships with other women artists. 
  • 2012 & 13: OVAC workshop committee. Started obsession with color. Made switch to large scale abstract painting. For more in depth explanation of this see my blog post or the article links at the bottom of this page. 
  • 2014: Professional Basics Grant from OVAC funded frames & larger scale work. Served as FRINGE historian. 
  • 2015 & 16: First solo exhibition! Started commissions. Helped with FRINGE’s social media.
  • 2017: Quit my day job! Built website, fell in love with custom art, learned new techniques with new materials to create functional art. Rediscovered love for writing through FRINGE marketing. 
  • 2018: Currently being authentic. I have a passion for creating custom affordable art. I believe in making fine art accessible & incorporating it into everyday life. I continue to show my work in gallery settings, but I’m leaning toward more non-traditional spaces. I want the person in the coffee shop, restaurant or office to see my work (& prices) and know that art is not out of reach. Whether it’s a piece on the wall, something you set your drink or snacks on, or something you wear around your neck, I want you to feel like making art a part of your life is easy. I live for custom commissions! There are no stupid questions or requests, so please ask away. 

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Sarah Day-Short // Artist Interview