sarah day-short Portfolio

I am currently showing work at Green Goodies and Bruno & Dunn Designers Decor in OKC. 

check out what I'm currently working on: experimental works in progress & commissions started in late 2017.

everyday affordable functional art in custom colors & designs

Available in OKC at DNA GalleriesPaseo Plunge, Plenty Mercantile, Blue Seven & Culinary Kitchen & Native Hippy in Lawton.

2016-present: works under 12" x 12"

living with art  Completed custom work & other pieces made specifically for a space. 

highly saturated colors & delicate metal leaf

2015-16: mostly monochromatic colors & color fields with circular patterns using metal leaf pens

2013-15: sun ray patterns made with spray paint and other mixed media

2015-present: studio shots, in-progress works, peeks inside my sketch book, travel watercolors & more

all professional shots by Katelyn Swanson Photography

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