A new business venture?


If you've been following my work for a while you probably know that used to make jewelry. Nothing like bench-work and molding metals, no precious stones or anything like that. I made cute affordable pieces out of found or recycled pendants, feathers and felt.

It was fun! I sold them in consignment stores for a while and brought them to all the outdoor art fairs. Once I turned my focus to painting, gallery work and commissions those old jewelry pieces sat in my closet and collected dust.

Fast forward to last week... desperate times, called for desperate measures. I've had a lull between commissions and shows, and I have had zero income this month. So, I dusted off some of that jewelry, took some quick iPhone photos of a few pieces and had an online "pop-up shop" sale.

I thought maybe I'd make a little bit of extra cash just to buy some more supplies for my paintings. The response was overwhelming! I ended up selling about a quarter of the pieces I had lying around, and not just to OKC locals. I had to scramble to get shipping supplies and head to the post office.

So, why am I telling you all this? I've decided to start yet another business venture. I know I'm crazy! This little "side hustle" will hopefully support my true love: painting. 

For now @sds_jewelry will be exclusively on Instagram. 

I'm considering adding a jewelry page to my shop here on my website sometime in the future if this really takes off. First I need to get some better quality photos of the jewelry and start posting on Instagram. I'm all set with shipping supplies and I'll be posting a new piece everyday. 

Go give me follow!

Thanks for reading and supporting local art!