new gift items

If you follow me on social media you have probably seen that I have been working with some new materials and techniques. I started experimenting with Art Resin after taking a workshop last month. I am totally hooked. I originally wanted to learn how to use this product to give my paintings a simple clear coat of resin. They call it liquid glass, and it really gives pieces a polished modern look. BUT after trying it small scale (12"x12") I realized it is not best suited for canvas. It works much better on wood or mdf. In the workshop we had little practice pieces of 4"x4" wood tiles. The instructor suggested using them as coasters, and I guess a lightbulb just went off in my head. I found the perfect little mdf 4"x4" precut boards that already have rounded edges, and ever since I've been making SO many coasters. Take a peek in my shop!


My head is spinning with ideas of other things I could make with this versatile material. I'm definitely going to make some small wall pieces on wood, but I'm also thinking of making serving trays and other functional items. I'll be experimenting in the coming weeks as well as taking custom orders. If you have an idea please let me know! This material is heat & cold resistant, and the great thing about mdf or wood as opposed to tile is that it's lightweight and doesn't break if you accidentally drop it (you know when the coaster is stuck on the bottom of your drink?). 

Keep following me on Instagram to see my process, and shoot me a message if you want anything custom for the holidays. Spots are filling up fast!

Thanks for supporting local art!